FY 2022 C2 RFP - Technology

Vendor Questions and Corresponding Answers Will Be Listed Below:

Posted 1/13/2022
Question from Vendor:

Did you intend to exclude the warranty for the 7550 Switches specified on the RFP? The switches listed on the RFP are as follows:

Function; Part #; Description; Quantity

Switch; Ruckus ICX7550-48ZP-E2; Ruckus Switch ICX7550, 48(12XMG) POE-BT BNDL 2PSU-E; 4 +/-

Our answer:
No, we did not intend to exclude the warranty, and it should be included in the proposal/bid. The item to be included, with quantity, is below:

Function; Part #; Description; Quantity
Warranty; Ruckus CLD-S75E-5001; ICX 7550 Warranty; 4 +/-

An addedum with this information has also been issued.

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